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Dr. Meena Vankawala
M.B., D.G.O
Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Foetal Monitoring System
We propose an implantable telemetric system that meets the clinical needs for accurate foetal ECG monitoring during labour for all pregnancies where monitoring is indicated, as well as during pregnancy for a selected number of foetuses undergoing foetal surgery.
As a consequence of recent developments, one can state that the foetus has become a patient, accessible for diagnosis and therapy. Foetuses may become critically ill during their in utero life, and may benefit from timely delivery or foetal therapy. Until now, continuous in utero foetal monitoring has not been possible, since it requires permanent and direct access to the foetus. Therefore, information from the unborn patient can only be retrieved by indirect and often inaccurate means (ultrasound, doppler and cardiotocography). If these findings are suggestive of foetal distress, a foetal blood sample must be taken for confirmation. Foetal blood sampling is an invasive procedure with its associated risks and offers only momentary information on the foetal status. The availability of a device that allows for continuous and accurate monitoring of foetal well-being will reduce the inappropriate preterm delivery or therapy of foetus, with good foetal well-being and avoid foetal death or brain damage, where foetal distress has gone unrecognised.
Foetal Monitoring System , Foetal Monitoring System, implantable telemetric system, Endoscopy, ultrasound, doppler, cardiotocography, telemetric intrapartum sensor, foetal heart rate electrodes
This device will be an indispensable tool for foetus undergoing foetal surgery using a recently developed technique ofoetoscopy (foetal - endoscopy). The rationale is to take advantage of the already established access to the foetus during the operation, and at that time to attach an autonomous monitoring system to it, through an adapted trocart. See Figure 1 for surgical foetoscopic technique. The same system can also be used for monitoring during labour for all pregnancies where foetal monitoring is required. Whereas foetal ECG monitoring is currently available only non-telemetricly, which implies that the woman is immobilized to the trocart recording device during labour, the telemetric intrapartum sensor may be applied on the foetal scalp like the foetal heart rate electrodes, which are currently used. However, mobilization during labour will be unrestricted, which benefits the progress of labour and increases the sense of well-being of the woman. In the present paper two consecutive approaches are highlighted. The first consists of a simple telemetric device that continuously transmits the foetal information to the outside world. The analysis is performed at the receiver site. The second approach is a novel telemetric unit that will also contain on board circuitry to record a local analysis. This system will be miniaturised in the future to allow easy and safe access to the foetus.


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