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Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Dr. Meena Vankawala
M.B., D.G.O
Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Comprehensive Maternity Care:
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Neonatal care
All types of Hysterectomies, Laproscopy & Hysteroscopy
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Neonatal Care
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A Neonatal unit is a cell especially designed and equipped to take care of sick and pre-term babies. One in ten babies born in India needs to spend at least a few days in a Neonatal Unit to recover from infection and hence require intravenous antibiotics, need extra monitoring or breathing support. The length of stay varies from days to months and depends on the infant's condition.

Whatever the level of care required, all newborn infants need to be primarily kept warm, receive fluid and nutrition. Keeping the baby warm may be done by wrapping the infant in a blanket, or by placing it under an overhead warmer, or by placing it in an incubator. Fluid and nutrition can be provided intravenously via a narrow tube inserted into a blood vessel, or through a tube placed into the nose or mouth feeding into the stomach, or through oral feeding.

Neonatal care involves literally nursing your infant to health and over the times, it has been proven without doubt that breastfeeding is best for your baby. The benefits of breastfeeding, both for mother and baby are priceless. Breast milk is said to be the perfect food, delivered safely and efficiently and contains everything your baby needs. It is easy to digest, nutritious and helps baby fight infections.

We understand that after the strain of delivery, you need the emotional support, training and the right information about how to breast feed, which is why we have a section that tells you everything you need to know about breastfeeding help. And moms, you don't have to stop breastfeeding your baby when you have to return to work, don't worry. You can just express or pump your breasts at periodic intervals - say once in 4 hours, cool and freeze it to use later. So don't believe the hype about having to stop for any reason other than medical!

When it comes to breastfeeding help, you can talk to other women who have experienced it. You can clear all your breastfeeding questions and breastfeeding problems when you check out various sources of information. Check out our breastfeeding help section where we have answers to all those questions like what to do when you have thrush and breastfeeding your baby, what to do when breastfeeding supply is low, etc. Prepare yourself for all that is involved as you give your baby the gift of life.


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