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Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Dr. Meena Vankawala
M.B., D.G.O
Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician
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Comprehensive Maternity Care:
Antenatal Counselling by experts
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Foetal Monitoring System
Painless Delivery
Neonatal care
All types of Hysterectomies, Laproscopy & Hysteroscopy
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Painless Delivery
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Dr. Meena Vankawala ensures smooth and comfortable journey through Labor and Delivery - the most important and joyous event in a woman’s life.

Pregnancy is a dream come true of all couples. The first time mothers are filled with apprehension and innumerable questions. They get their queries solved by consulting their elders and peers and now newsgroups. They develop misconceptions and fears regarding pregnancy and labor.

The perception of pain during labor and delivery varies between individuals. Specially, the first-time mothers need a proper antenatal counselling regarding good nutritious diet, antenatal exercises and physiology of labor pains. Here we shall only be dealing with labor & delivery.

Epidural anaesthesia is an advance in pain management during labor, which ensures that a pregnant woman has a comfortable labor. It is a regional anaesthesia in which an anaesthetic drug is injected near the spinal cord in the spinal canal.

Having Your Baby
Patients frequently quote about the comforting and expert care provided by Dr. Meena Vankawala and her team, nurses and staff. Many mention our state-of the-art delivery suites, which are family-friendly and help you feel as comfortable and at-home as possible. We don't just deliver babies, we help create families. From prenatal education to choice of childbirth, your family is as involved as you would like.

Painless Delivery & Complicated Delivery

Painless Labour - It is a concept in which labour takes place easily, within short time, without any complications and bearable pain. Mother has to follow Asanas and Pranayam during pains to provide sufficient oxygen for her & Baby. It helps to descend the baby, facilitates process of normal delivery.
Caesarian delivery is indicated only when the life of mother or baby is in danger due to severe complication like obstructed labour, fetal distress, cord around neck, cervical dystocia, ruptured uterus, convulsions etc. and if there is no other option left for vaginal delivery.
Forceps & vacuum deliveries are helpful in last stage of labour when baby is obstructed or when mother cannot tolerate the labour pains.
During labour many complications may occur to mother or baby, to prevent that specific scheduling for medicines, diet and yoga is important. The Pranayam, Asana & Exercise practiced during pregnancy helps to reduce the complications.


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